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Designing the future retail experience
We have identified a couple of key trends to consider when designing the future retail experience.
#1 Boost performance
Omnichannel solutions will work to increase efficiency in shopping. Apps, mobile payments, recommendations, viewing in-store stock, and other features will speed up the customer journey. Simultaneously, computer vision and AI will make sure the customer flows are optimized and that the shelves are stacked.
#2 Freestyling feel
Much in line with agile marketing, physical stores will, with the help of modern tech, be able to handle an increasing degree of improvisation and be quicker to adapt to the surrounding world. Retailers must learn to engage through unscheduledness, inspiration and playfulness. Rain? Promos immediately change to umbrellas. Promo not working? Computers change it every hour and optimize for the most sales.
#3 His Master’s voice
Customers are doing their best to make sense of the endless amount of recommendations, information, comparisons, etc available to them. Retailers must seize the opportunity to be positioned as the masters of their categories. The whole customer journey, in all touchpoints, must convey knowledge and expertise and not only persuasive selling!
#4 The smaller store
Not only will most regular stores be smaller in the future, retailers will also have to rethink and redesign for VR-access to physical stores, or satellite stores or pop-ups that enhance the shopping experience. Extended shelves can help with long-tail sales.
#5 At your service
Customers expect more and better service – and they want it for free. Tailoring of goods and services, 24/7 service and endless modifications is normal for the modern customer – the challenge for retailers is finding out how to perform on the expectations (and get paid for it, too!).
#6 Robots rock – and humans too!
While mainstream in the supply chain, we are beginning to see robots making their way into the aisles and check-out areas of stores. Chatbots are increasingly being used for customer service. And actual robots are used for simple and repetitive tasks such as sorting out rotten fruit or stocking the shelves.
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