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Tomorrow’s customers
New services, products and trends foster new customer behavior. In this post, we introduce a couple of fictional customers that we often use as tools to future proof our concept development.
#1 My way
She is generally excited about new technology and innovations. However, she is cautious about her privacy and does not like to share too much information – unless she gets something valuable in return. She is excited about new features, services or products, but gets equally irritated when things do not work out or are uncoordinated. She is disloyal to brands and retailers when others offer a better service or price. She is very individualistic and wants thing exactly her way – customized to the smallest detail.
#2 Queen of convenience
She has a demanding and sometimes stressful job. She is concerned about efficiency and not interested in retail ”experiences”. Therefore she is an early adopter of products and services that make the life puzzle easier. She is willing to pay for efficiencies such as timely delivery and smart and convenient services. She has very little time to browse stores or do research – if she finds what she wants, she gets it.
#3 Always online
He is from generation Z, meaning he is a digital native that is always online and on social media. However, he has not the least interest in technology itself – only the potential benefits it has to him. He wants to get inspired and learn more about products and services. He appreciates good storytelling but generally listens much more to his friends and people he looks up to rather than corporations. He enjoys being part of a group and community and is an active contributor to his networks.
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