Future of Shopping is Livestreaming

Many of us love shopping. We spend lots of time in the stores - picking and matching the clothes, selecting food and reading the reviews of an interesting book. Online shopping has become more and more popular, it is just about a click. But you always have so many questions in your mind - what if the order comes not the same as seen on a photo. Not always the sellers have a quick response rate and it becomes hard to make a decision.

Livestream shopping brings a huge change to the shopping experience and somehow eases our decision making. When a famous person (mainly celebrities) presents you the item, uses it in front of your screen and also answers your questions live, you know you want that item and you can get it right here and right now with a great discount. You can also communicate with the favourite celebrity, ask questions as if you are chatting with friends or family.

Basically, it is an old TV shop that we saw in the last decade with the product video-reviews on youtube, but this time with more user engagement and fun. Now we can ask questions at the very moment this TV shop appears on our mobile screen. Be it cosmetics, gadget or even a simple culinary book - it can go viral and be sold in thousands of copies through livestream promotion as witnessed recently.

Taobao chinese online shopping website has been actively used by merchants to engage more customers. Livestreaming has completely changed the Chinese and then worldwild e-commerce market. Taobao’s eight-hour video sales event in 2019 attracted more than 43 million customers, and in recent 2020 the livestream shopping generated around 136 billion dollars in China only. Europe and America are also introducing their livestream projects and trying to walk by hand with Chinese who actively run in this, but they still have a long way to walk.

Blink the design agency for example created a livestreaming project in Facebook called Jidderz. Live gameshow hosts entertain their followers with quizes, competitions, prizes and live intercourse. Like everything in this world changes quickly from traditional into a modern, e-commerce also promises to be loyal but compelling in the near future with just one click away from us: signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours...

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