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Tomas Conradi, Blink’s new CEO!
We are happy to announce that Blink’s partner and Head of Strategy since 2012, has been named the agency’s new CEO. 

“Tomas is a very good leader with a solid background as a consultant and strategist. He has previously founded and lead brand consultancy Differ with offices in Stockholm and London, and successfully added new pieces to our delivery here at Blink. We have worked together for half a decade. Myself and all of Blink’s employees have the greatest confidence in him”, says Richard Kylberg, Blink’s founder and chairman of the board. 

“Blink plays in a global elite league in retail design. We are on an exciting journey with our customers and our task is often to create customer experiences at the border between the digital and the physical. We are ready for the next level here, and that will be my focus in my new role”, says Tomas Conradi.

 “Our integrated digital and physical teams help our customers in the big digital transformation they are right in the middle of. It feels like a fun time to lead Blink”, says Tomas Conradi. 

Richard Kylberg will have the role as Blink’s board chairman and client director.
New Telenor concept open in Täby Centrum!
Finally, the new concept that Blink has created for Telenor has opened in Täby Centrum. The new store not only looks good, but also boasts many innovative and new digital features and solutions making shopping more fun and more convenient. Next time you are in Täby Centrum – make sure to swing by! We wish our friends at Telenor best of luck with their new concept!
Magnus Åström’s photographies at the Stockholm subway
Magnus, one of our designers, has many strings to his bow – one of them is him being a very skilled photographer. As a matter of fact, so skilled that he was asked to exhibit some of his pieces in the Stockholm subway station Mariatorget. So next time you find yourself stressed out in the morning rush to work – keep an eye out for Magnus’s beautiful photos to help calm you down and make the journey more pleasant.
The Art of Strategy
When not solving complex brand and strategic issues for our clients, Tomas creates beautiful art pieces. His series of sketches – ”Mortal Remains” – has been chosen by a jury to be displayed at the renowned spring exhibition at Liljevalchs. Make sure to swing by Liljevalchs before May 5th to have a look! The rest of the Blink team are all very proud of Tomas’s achievement!
Blink sponsors Team Rynkeby to raise money for children with cancer
When the largest charity cycling team in the Nordics, Team Rynkeby, pedals to Paris this summer to raise money for children with cancer, Blink is one of the Gold Sponsors. Blink partner Tina Lejdemyr participates in the journey on her bike. 

Team Rynkeby consists of 1700 cyclists and 450 service participants in 44 teams from six countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. 

Team Rynkeby is a voluntary initiative and the money raised goes 100% to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden). The money funds research into childhood cancer, which remains the disease that takes the most lives of children aged 1–15 years and there are too many children who have serious side effects of treatment. Blink is happy to participate this year and wishes Tina the best of luck.
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