ABBA the Museum
The commercial layer of the legendary Swedish pop group’s museum in Stockholm.
ABBA the Museum is an interactive exhibition about the pop group ABBA. It showcases ABBA's collected works in a contemporary setting at Djurgården in Stockholm. It is also houses for the official ABBA shop - a pop-shop for clothing, prints, accessories and gifts.
”My vision was to create the best ever pop-shop. Blink created something that surpassed my dreams.”
Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA
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Blink helped ABBA create the commercial layer and service experience around ABBA the Museum.
Blink added a broader contemporary pop culture context to the museum experience, in order to make the destination more appealing also to a younger audience that is new to ABBA.
The ABBA PopShop - a destination offering an eclectic mix between shop, stage, exhibition and ticket office. A meeting place for Swedish pop culture and the place where the exhibitions, the shop, the café and bar merge into an integrated experience.
Gamla Brogatan 23B
111 20 Stockholm
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