Albert Heijn Supermarket
This convenience- and omnichannel-focused concept was developed with smooth shopping in mind.
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Albert Heijn, the leading Dutch food retail chain owned by AholdDelhaize - a global superpower in food retail - is a long-standing Blink client. Albert Heijn wanted to increase its relevance for consumers interested in food, looking for convenience rather than luxury. With a new Albert Heijn convenience supermarket format, the company aims for typical city shoppers, who shop often and buy few items each time.
Albert Heijn convenience supermarket offers convenience on the consumers’ terms – whether they want to grab something quick to eat on the go, buy ready-made meals to take home or ingredients and a recipe for making something themself. You will also find the regular convenience offer of a city supermarket here.
The internal concept idea is “The walk-in meal box”. The Albert Heijn convenience supermarket is a relaxed and friendly neighborhood store focusing on fresh food and ready-made meals. The store is designed to fit the different customer journeys of the modern customers, whether it is a quick bite or a larger grocery trip, and it offers many omnichannel design solutions to improve the shopping experience.
Remco Duchhart, format manager Albert Heijn: The first store opened in October 2017. So far sales are up above expectations. There is a significantly higher number of transactions and a greatly improved food experience. Albert Heijn has also made big steps in specific departments like meal-solution boxes and self-service sushi. This Albert Heijn store is a converted regular supermarket, so comparison is made like-for-like.
Gamla Brogatan 23B
111 20 Stockholm
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